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Lease a Honda CR-V in Venice, FL

If you’re in the market for Honda’s superstar of a compact crossover, the CR-V, you’re not alone. This spacious, fun-to-drive, amazingly well-equipped vehicle is one of the standout options in the hugely popular compact crossover automotive segment, and it only seems to be gaining steam.

How would you like to drive a brand-new CR-V with all the bells and whistles? Think it’s beyond your financial means? Well, in that case, it’s time you considered leasing a CR-V from Venice Honda.

Leasing can be the perfect solution for people who want the latest and greatest offerings but don’t want to – or can’t afford to – spend as much as they would if they were to purchase or lease a new vehicle. While not every car shopper is a great candidate for a lease agreement, those who are can get some irresistible benefits from major savings to a lower-pressure commitment than buying.

We’ll discuss more about the benefits of leasing below, but for now let’s discuss what you’ll find at Venice Honda. First and foremost, our dealership near Osprey, Englewood, and North Port, FL, has a fantastic selection of brand-new Hondas and high-quality pre-owned vehicles of all kinds. For those shopping exclusively for the CR-V, you’ll find an astonishing selection to choose from at any given time.

Venice Honda also has excellent prices on all new and used vehicles in stock. But that’s not where the savings end – from our special offers and incentives to lease offers that can get you unbelievably low payments on a brand-new Honda of your choice, we’re all about helping our customers get exactly what they want for less.

Explore our inventory online now and pick out a few CR-V models you’d like to take a closer look at. Then head to our conveniently located dealership and speak with one of our helpful sales representatives. They’ll be happy to show you around and let you test drive your favorites.

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with leasing and what it can mean for you. Contact a leasing specialist at Venice Honda if you have any questions while you do your research.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Leasing a New Honda CR-V?

If you’ve never leased a car before, it’s a good idea to learn what it means when you lease instead of buy. For one thing, when you lease, you’re not paying FOR the vehicle but FOR USE of the vehicle over the duration of your lease term (the length of which varies, but generally lasts anywhere from 24 to 48 months).

When you remove the “purchase” from the equation, you also remove the associated sales tax you have to pay when you buy or finance a vehicle. That’s just a small portion of the savings you can get when you lease, though. The main draw from many who decide to lease is the fact that monthly lease payments are usually far lower than payments on an auto loan. If your primary concern is saving money, this is delicious food for thought.

But low payments aren’t the only benefits to leasing. There are other things to consider, including:

  • Lease savings may help you afford a higher trim or more features on the vehicle you select.
  • A lease agreement has relatively short terms, so you can upgrade to another vehicle sooner, allowing you to always drive a recent model without feeling “stuck” as some people do with a purchase.
  • Vehicle depreciation – which is an inevitability with every car – is not your problem.
  • At the end of your lease term, you simply hand off your car and find another – no worries about what to do with the old one.

At Venice Honda, all of the CR-Vs we have in stock are available to lease as well as to buy. One thing is for sure, though: Whichever path you take, you’ll end up with an amazing compact crossover for an incredible bargain.

Contact our dealership with any questions or concerns, or to get help in deciding if a lease is right for you and your driving needs and financial situation.

Why Lease Your CR-V from Venice Honda?

In addition to our great selection, low prices, and excellent customer service, Venice Honda has a top-of-the-line service center on site. You can keep your leased CR-V in tip-top condition with maintenance and repair that’s affordable, efficient, and performed by our highly experienced technicians.

Visit us today and let us help you find the right CR-V for you – and show you how much you can save when you take advantage of one of our amazing lease offers.

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