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Transform Your Drive With The Honda Accord

Venice drivers know that the Honda Accord is set apart from other full-size sedans by how the Accord blends comfort, technology, appeal and performance innovations to create a car of exceptional substance and style. The Accord’s elegant interior is appointed with refined materials and intuitive features that take comfort and convenience to the next level. Having all the latest tech right at the tip of your fingers, you and your passengers will be looking more forward to the trip there rather than the destination. Throughout your journey, those long drives will never grow old due to the Accord’s exhilarating driving performance that’ll deliver everlasting fun and bring more capabilities in your life. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll surely be the one getting the most attention with the Accords finely crafted, ultra-sleek exterior design. The Accord is so distinctive from the rest of the crowd, you’ll certainly be turning heads.

What’s New in the 2019 Honda Accord?

The always-amazing Accord continues to be a favorite among drivers and critics alike. Following its major overhaul for the 2018 model year, the 2019 Accord is essentially tasked with the job of carrying on all the amazing things set forth by its predecessor.

And this midsize car succeeds in every way you can imagine. From its bold, sporty exterior design to its admirably equipped interior, the 2019 Accord stands out in a class of vehicles that doesn’t really have much going for them beyond the practical aspects midsize cars are known for.

The 2019 Accord gives you plenty of practicality in terms of value, safety, space, reliability, and efficiency, but it takes things a few steps further than its rivals. Cutting-edge technology features in the cabin ensure that every drive is pleasant, comfortable, convenient, and safe.

One test drive of the 2019 Accord will show you why this midsize car is such a hit among shoppers in this class. Come explore its trim levels and find the one that suits you best at Venice Honda today!

A Look into the Accord's Past

Since its founding, Honda has always been committed to producing world-class vehicles to suit almost every driving need of its consumer base. Being an originator as the first car from a Japanese manufacturer to be produced in the United States, the Honda Accord made its debut in the U.S. in 1982 and has been considerably successful since its beginning. Since initiation, Honda has offered several different car body styles and versions of the Accord, beginning as a compact car, advancing to a mid-size car, and the becoming a full-size car. After nine generations worth of modifications and advancements, the Honda Accord has ultimately become a revolutionary vehicle of its class by setting a higher level of standards in every aspect.

Why Choose Venice Honda?

At Venice Honda we're incredibly proud to represent the Honda brand, offering a wide range of Accord’s for you to choose from with available test drives. We truly appreciate your interest in our Venice, FL Honda dealership, and are always here to help you with your search for the perfect Honda to match your driving needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or make any requests, our knowledgeable sales staff is fully available at your service. If your located in Sarasota, Bradenton, Osprey, Englewood, Venice, Punta Gorda or Florida, then be sure to check out website or our Honda dealership in Venice, FL to see our vast selection of used and new Accords!

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