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2019 Honda Accord

Comparing Midsize Leaders

If you want the best midsize car available, it’s likely that your search will lead you here. To comparing two of the most enduringly popular models from two of the most prominent brands. Yes, we’re talking about the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.

Both of these midsize sedans are excellent representations of their class, and they set the bar high for other models. They share many of the same stellar attributes, such as value, safety, reliability, and quality. For that reason, you’ll have to look deeper in order to see which of these two cars comes out on top in a head-to-head comparison.

We’re here to help, as we examine a few aspects of the 2019 Honda Accord and the 2019 Toyota Camry in order to determine if there’s a winner in this comparison – and if so, which one it is. Read on to find out.

Interior Space

Having enough space inside your family sedan can mean the difference between pleasant road trips and backseat bickering that makes everyone uncomfortable.

The Honda Accord beats out the Toyota Camry in terms of passenger space, with greater headroom, legroom, and shoulder room as well as more overall passenger volume – 105.6 cubic feet compared to just 100.4 cubic feet in the Camry.

Cargo space is bigger in the Accord, too. It has a generous 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space, while the Camry makes do with just 14.1. That can make a big difference when you’re packing for vacation or loading up on your weekly grocery run.

Interior Features

Both the Accord and the Camry are well equipped with plenty of cutting-edge technology features and comfort and convenient amenities, and their cabins are similarly high-quality. And following their simultaneous redesigns for 2018, both of these models emerged better equipped than ever before – a fact that follows them into the 2019 model year.

Look closer, though, and you’ll see that at least one notable feature is missing from the Camry. It doesn’t offer Android Auto integration, which means drivers who desire this popular connectivity option will be out of luck. The Honda Accord offers both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to accommodate smartphone users.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

It’s not often that people describe midsize sedans as “fun to drive,” but the Accord and the Camry manage quite well in that respect. They both give you excellent road dynamics and easy handling, making them good for city commuting and highway travel alike.

The Honda Accord gives you two energetic turbocharged engine options, a base 192-horsepower 1.5L 4-cylinder engine with a CVT and an optional 2.0L 252-horsepower turbo-4. The Camry’s engine options also provide plenty of pep, but the Accord’s turbocharger gives it the edge in acceleration.

Find Your Accord at Venice Honda

We have barely grazed the surface in exploring all there is to love about the Honda Accord. But that’s OK, because the best way to discover the Accord and its amazing attributes is in person, with a test drive and some firsthand experience inside the comfortable and refined cabin. Drivers in and around Osprey, Englewood, and North Port, FL, can find their ultimate Accord when they visit Venice Honda and browse our huge selection.

We think a test drive will be all it takes to convince you that the Accord is the right car for you. But in case it’s not, just wait until you hear about our amazing savings opportunities. Head to Venice Honda today and see how much you can save on your ultimate family car!

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